In order to accommodate the increased traffic flow expected in the area for RCHS Graduation, a detailed traffic plan will be implemented. This year’s traffic plan is the same traffic plan that is used for RCHS Varsity Football Events using one entry lane prior to graduation and two exit lanes after the conclusion of the event.

Traffic in the area is expected to be heavy on all graduation night and it is recommended that people traveling to the area plan their trips accordingly.

Event Traffic Restrictions

The RCHS Graduation traffic plan will be implemented approximately 2 hours prior to the start of graduation after which time normal traffic operations will end and traffic will be closed to eagle lane and the post-graduation traffic plan begins. Below are the basic components of the plan.

Prior to the start of the graduation, Eagle Lane traffic will remain normal two way traffic.

The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department will operate the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 27 at Eagle Lane approximately 2 hours before the start of graduation and up to one hour after the event concludes or until parking areas empty.

Rhea County Sheriff’s Department officers will staff the intersections before and after the event in the immediate area to help facilitate safe vehicle and pedestrian flow.

Conclusion of graduation

At the end of the event, Eagle Lane will be closed to through traffic from U.S. Highway 27 & Eagle Lane to Back Valley Road until the traffic volumes exiting the stadium parking lots subside. All U.S. Highway 27 traffic will be routed down to one lane northbound and one lane southbound.

All traffic exiting parking lots on Eagle Lane will be routed out to U.S. Highway 27 in two lanes. Traffic exiting the high school parking lot may also go south on Back Valley Road

Pedestrians walking or waiting on rides must be picked up from Rhea County High School front entrance following the event.

At the end of graduation, Eagle Lane becomes exit only to U.S. Highway 27 for approximately one hour or until traffic subsides. Lane and traffic restrictions to help control traffic flow will also be implemented throughout the area.

Parking in the Area

There is absolutely no parking along the shoulder of Eagle Lane. Parking Lots are located at Rhea Middle School, and Rhea County High School.  For those driving to the area, it is important to remember to obey all no parking restrictions to avoid being towed.