watch1Neighborhood Watch Groups have been used for years to deter crime and give vital information to authorities to help solve crime. These groups give the law enforcement community more eyes and ears to watch over the rural subdivisions and communities that a large county has.

The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department has to date established 9 Neighborhood Watch groups consisting of 284 members. The Sheriffs Department is still working to establish more of these groups throughout the county.

Starting in 2008 a new program was introduced in neighborhood watch. The current national Neighborhood Watch programs are focused on crime prevention.

The new Neighborhood programs introduced to Rhea County covers Crime watch, Medical emergencies, Weather emergencies and preparedness.

watch2The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department urges all citizens to become involved in the program. If your community does not have a current Neighborhood Watch group, we encourage you to speak with your friends and neighbors, contact the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department and register as a group. You will receive basic information on how to organize and supervise the program as well as signs, brochures and the ongoing support of the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Mike Neal for your group.