Rhea County Animal Shelter

The idea of an animal shelter is not a new one in Rhea County. For years, concerned citizens held out hope, organized and formed groups such as the Rhea County Humane Society, Save-A-Pet and others in an attempt to solve the problem of stray animals. I shared this vision with other concerned citizens and was determined to find a solution.

The Sheriff’s Department answers approximately 85 animal related calls per month, and I knew something had to be done. Through hard work and donations from many individuals and businesses along with Rhea County Sheriff’s Department employees, we have completed this facility and have received state certification and accepting animals.

We understand that it has been a long process and much work has to be done to ensure the safety of all our citizens as well as the welfare of all stray animals in Rhea County. The frustration that many local citizens have felt when they called for a stray animal to be picked up and no facility was available is now over. While some view stray animals as a nuisance, others see that there is a potential health hazard for Rhea County Citizens who might be attacked by a diseased animal.

Also, the vision of unhealthy animals roaming the neighborhoods in an attempt to find food is also now over. We will be working with the local animal hospitals on an aggressive spay and neuter program aimed at providing those services at reduced rates for citizens who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

The Rhea County Animal Shelter was made possible in large part by the donations of concern citzens, businesses and civic organizations. More than $45,000 was raised to support this cause. We also want to thank Tommy Snyder and the Rhea County Highway Department who donated many hours and equipment to improve the land.

Location and Contact Information

Animal Control Officers: Cheyenne Swafford, Katie Rose, and Richard Neal.

Head Volunteers: Amy Johnson Volunteers: Chrissy McClain, Don Maroney

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Address and Phone: 9118 Back Valley Road
Evensville, TN 37332
Phone (423)775-2029

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday

Animal Rescue Groups and VolunteersThe Rhea County Sheriff’s Dept. and Sheriff Mike Neal would like to thank Rhea County for the continuing support of the shelter through volunteer work and monetary donations.We would also like to thank the following Animal Rescue Groups: If you would like to make a donation to the Rhea County Animal Shelter please make check payable to the Animal Shelter Alliance of Rhea (memo: Donation) and mail to the following address:

Mailing Address

Rhea County Animal Shelter
9118 Back Valley Road
Evensville, TN 37332

  • Second Chance Pet Group
  • Almost Home
  • Shaggy Dog Rescue
  • All American Daschund
  • Above All Animal Rescue
  • Dixie Animal Alliance