Rhea County Sheriff Mike Neal formed the Rhea County Sheriffs Department Homeland Security Team following the 9/11 tragedy. Sheriff Neal, foreseeing the need to have trained volunteers ready to step in to assist with emergencies that might deplete the Sheriffs Department resources, formed this team from volunteers interested in supporting their community.

Having this Sheriffs dept Homeland Security Team, which consist of the Homeland officers and reserve deputies, ensures that the sheriffs dept can fully continue daily routine patrols and duties during emergencies that may otherwise deplete their resources.

Over the past 19 years the sheriff’s homeland security team has supported Rhea County in all major emergencies and events, along with supporting our community with emergency preparedness information, CPR/AED, First Aid, and Bleeding Control training.

The Rhea County Sheriffs Department Homeland Security team members are required to participate in 40 in-service hours per year. They also hold monthly meetings to ensure all members are kept up date on activities in Rhea county.

For more information on the RCSD Homeland Security Team contact:

Jim Conner at jconner@rheacountytn.gov