The Rhea County Sheriffs Department, Rhea County School Resource Officer Program (SROs) has an officer in each county school, Graysville Elementary (1), Frazier Elementary (1), Rhea Central Elementary (1), Rhea Middle (1), Rhea County High School (2), Spring City Elementary (1), Spring City Middle (1).

While on school grounds, the SROs are readily available to students, teachers, administration, and parents with assistance and information regarding safety, crisis prevention and law enforcement issues. Rhea County Sheriffs Dept. SROs are a direct link between the schools and other service organizations that provide preventative and counseling services within the school district. These include family violence programs and counseling, drug rehabilitation, alternative school.

The Rhea County Sheriffs Department SROs have developed a strong sense of communication and trust within the school system. The safety level of all involved has dramatically increased due to their presence. The program also affords the opportunity for youth to learn more about law enforcement and engender a strong sense of understanding for keeping the community safe and aware.



Drug Abuse Resistance Education has long been a part of the public services offered to students in Rhea County through the Rhea County Sheriffs Department. Each year, sixth graders from all Rhea County Schools are given this course in an effort to deter as many youths from a life of drugs, alcohol and crime as possible. This program is taught throughout the school year followed by graduation from the program. Students who successfully complete the program are provided with certificates of graduation at a ceremony held at the end of every school year. They are also eligible to participate in the annual Tennessee Strawberry Festival Parade held each May in Dayton, Tennessee.

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