The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling all neighborhoods within Rhea County. They answer calls from Central Dispatch usually as first responders to a scene and are the primary group of officers that most of the public encounter when they request an officer for information, to report a crime or have a crisis and call 911.

The officers of the Patrol Division work 12-hour shifts from 7am to 7pm and 7pm to 7am. A small group of officers also split the shift between day and night shift to allow for continuity of information between the shifts as well as to replace officers who are either on scheduled leave or are out on sick leave. This also allows for extra coverage on patrol between the hours of 2pm and 2am.

Officers who are employed with the Patrol Division respond to calls, serve warrants, subpoenas and civil process as well as work accidents, make initial arrests, assist medic units and provide valuable information for the public. The Patrol Division also escorts funerals at no charge as a courtesy to our citizens as a sign of respect for the grieving families.

Officers with the patrol Division are dedicated law enforcement officers who are certified with the Tennessee P.O.S.T. Commission, regularly attend training and in-service courses and yearly qualify with their firearm and shotgun.

In 2008, the Patrol Division with the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department answered 39,923 calls.

Traffic Officers

Mission Statement

Our mission is to seek out, implement and evaluate programs designed to reduce the number of fatalities, injuries and related economic losses resulting from traffic crashes on Rhea County’s roadways.

The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department works in tandem with the Tennessee Governors highway Safety Office (GHSO) through grants from them and also with numerous other agencies across Tennessee to implement programs focusing on occupant protection, impaired drivng, speed enforcement, truck and school bus safety, pedestrian and bicycle safety and crash data collection and analysis.

The Traffic Unit will function in the following three areas:

  1. Motor Vehicle Crash Investigation: Members of the Traffic Unit are responsible for the investigation of all motor vehicle crashes taht occur while they aer on shift. They will also be available to assist with other crashes regardless of when they occur.
  2. Motor Vehicle law Enforcement: Much of the traffic Officer’s time is dedicated to motor vehicle law enforcement. Officers will concentrate their efforts on improving the safety on the roadways of Rhea County by removing as many impared, unlicensed and reckless drivers from the roads of Rhea County. They will also focus on school zones, walking routes and high traffic areas as well as areas citizens cite as often offended by reckless drivers.
  3. Motor Vehicle law Education: Members of the traffic unit will provide educational programs and presentations to various civic and private organizations in traffic law enforcement. They will also work closely with the local schools to provide information to all different age groups.

The Rhea County Sheriff’s Department Traffic Unit will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilites including but not limited to:

  • Traffic Law Enforcement
  • Traffic Safety Education
  • Accident Investigations
  • D.U.I. Detection and Apprehension Enforcement
  • Speed and Sobriety Checkpoints
  • Child Safety Seat Installation, Education, and Enforcement Programs
  • Public Education of Traffic Laws
  • Prosecution of Offenders