Tennessee Highway Safety Office Announces $18 Million in Federal Grant Funds to Support Highway Safety Efforts across Tennessee

TENNESSEE – The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security (TDOSHS) joins the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) to announce the law enforcement agencies and partners across Tennessee who will be awarded federal grant funds to support local highway safety initiatives. Approximately 400 grants exceeding $18 million will be distributed statewide from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) through the THSO for the 2017-2018 Federal Fiscal Year (FFY).

“Highway safety enforcement and education initiatives are critical components to preventing highway fatalities,” said Commissioner David W. Purkey of the TDOSHS. “We cannot lower statewide fatality numbers without strong partnerships within our local communities. That is why these funds are so important.”

Of these funds,  $52,402 will go directly to law enforcement agencies in Rhea County.

Dayton Fire Department
Disabled Motorist Enhanced Safety and Crash Prevention
Emergency Medical Services $3,002.00

Dayton Police Department
High Visibility Enforcement
Police Traffic Services $ 5,300.00

Graysville Police Department
High Visibility Enforcement
Police Traffic Services $ 3,000.00

Rhea County Sheriff’s Department
Alcohol Impaired Driving Enforcement ‐ Program (A.I.D.E.)
Alcohol Enforcement $ 18,000.00

Rhea County Sheriff’s Department
Network Coordinator
Police Traffic Services $ 20,000.00

Spring City Police Department
High Visibility Enforcement
Police Traffic Services $ 3,100.00

Every year, traffic safety advocates, non-profit organizations, emergency response personnel, law enforcement, District Attorneys’ offices, and other state agencies across Tennessee seek funding through grant applications offered by the THSO. Applicants who meet the required data-driven criteria and highway safety standards are awarded grant funds to support the THSO’s mission to reduce traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities.

“Our highway safety partners are dedicated men and women who work tirelessly to protect Tennessee roadways every day,” said THSO Director Vic Donoho. “The THSO grant funding provides essential highway safety training and equipment for law enforcement agencies, sophisticated crash data collection analysis technology, specialized DUI prosecutors, resources for emergency response personnel, and educational tools to help improve driver behavior.”

Click here to view the full list of grant awards and recipients: http://bit.ly/2fesyaL

For more information, contact Arriale Tabson at arriale.tabson@tn.gov or visit www.tntrafficsafety.org.

About Tennessee Highway Safety Office

The Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) is a division of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security advocating for traffic safety. The THSO works in tandem with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to implement statewide programs addressing occupant protection, impaired driving, speed enforcement, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and crash data collection and analysis.

Programs administered by the THSO are 100 percent federally funded. The THSO’s mission is to effectively develop, implement, and evaluate these programs.

To learn more, please visit www.tntrafficsafety.org.